Kutse ettekannete esitamiseks 14. varauusaegse filosoofia konverentsile (NWEMP)

2008. aastal Tartus alguse saanud varauusaegse filosoofia konverents (Nordic Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy e NWEMP) on iga-aastaste konverentside sari, mida korraldavad vaheldumisi filosoofia osakonnad Põhjamaades. Sarja eesmärk on edendada koostööd ja ideede levitamist varauusaegse filosoofia uurijate vahel piirkonnas, hõlmates nii kõrgel tasemel teadlasi kui ka edukaid üliõpilasi.

14. varauusaegse filosoofia konverents toimub 28.–29. septembril 2024 Tartu Ülikoolis. Konverentsid toimuvad inglise keeles.

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the 14th Nordic Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy (NWEMP 14). The workshop will take place at the University of Tartu on 28.–29. September 2024.

The purpose of the NWEMP is to foster collaboration between scholars and advanced students of early modern philosophy in the Nordic region. Launched in 2008 in Tartu, the Nordic Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy (NWEMP) is a series of workshops held annually, rotating among the philosophy departments in the Nordic region. The aim of the series is to further cooperation and dissemination of ideas among scholars of early modern philosophy in the region, including both high-level researchers and accomplished students. The original ambition of the series was described by the founders as being “cool and scholarly”.

This year the keynote lectures will be given by

Henrik Lagerlund (Stockholm University): “Francisco Suárez on Free Will and doing Evil for the sake of Evil” and

Eva Piirimäe (University of Tartu): "The Politics of Metamorphosis versus Palingenesis in the German Enlightenment".

The presentations will be supplemented with book presentations by Francesco Orsi (“The Guise of the Good”, 2023) and Eva Piirimäe (“Herder and Enlightenment Politics”, 2023). In addition, there will be commemoration of the 300. anniversary of the birth of Immanuel Kant, given his connections to Tartu.

Please send a title and a short abstract (ca 200 words) on any topic in early modern philosophy to ove.averin@ut.ee by 5. April. We kindly ask you to send your submission as a PDF-file attachment and render it anonymous for blind review. Applicants will be notified in early May at the latest.

NB! Please forward the call to persons you believe might be interested in participating, PhD researchers are especially welcome. Note that like in previous years, the organizers are not able to cover travel, accommodation or meal expenses.

We hope to see you in Tartu in September!

Best wishes,

Roomet Jakapi, Ove Averin and Henri Otsing

Pilt Aurora Ruusist.

Aurora Ruus: üliõpilasesindaja on lüliks tudengite ja ülikooli vahel 

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