24. novembril esineb semiootika osakonnas külalislektor Zviad Sulaberidze Gruusiast ettekandega "Finding Opportunities for Biosemiotics in Robotics and AI"

Next Friday, 24.11 at 12.15-14.00 in room 306 we will have a guest lecturer Zviad Sulaberidze from Georgia. He works as a head of Robotics and Engineering Lab and Computer Science and Mathematics School in Free University of Tbilisi. He creates platforms that involve computer, electrical and mechanical engineering, and opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical projects. One of the platforms is a human size robot called Tato, which was designed by French 3D designer Gael Langevin (inmoov.fr) as a 3D printable open source robot.

Here's a little synopsis of his talk: 

Finding Opportunities for Biosemiotics in Robotics and AI

Modern development of technologies allow to design a vast spectrum of autonomous machines, with various functions, shape and "intellect". There is a significant portion of the machines imitating creations of nature, such as animals, reptiles, insects and of course humans. Each type of these machines "try" to look alive, to allow more easy and natural communication with humans. This opens space for many disciplines and  biosemiotics is one of the interesting field, that can be useful for designing of shape and intellect of "natural" machines.

Everyone is warmly welcome to listen and participate in the discussion.