Uku Toomingu uus publikatsioon "Knowing When To Stop"

Teadusajakirjas Australasian Journal of Philosophy avaldati filosoofia osakonna teoreetilise filosoofia teadur Uku Toomingu artikkel "Knowing When To Stop". Järgnevalt artikli inglisekeelne kokkuvõte:

What are the conditions under which an agent has an aesthetic reason to stop appreciating something? In this paper, I argue that such a reason is dependent not only on the aesthetic properties of the object of appreciation but also on the hedonic state of the agent. Virtuous aesthetic agents who are responsive to aesthetic reasons need to be sensitive to hedonic changes in relation to the object and to recognise when these changes make it appropriate to sever one’s appreciative focus. The resulting view has implications for how to understand aesthetic fittingness, aesthetic obligation, and the difference between aesthetic and moral reasons.

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