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Admission to the University of Tartu has started

The University of Tartu invites international students interested in international bachelor’s and master’s studies to submit their applications in DreamApply. Studies start at the beginning of September 2023.

This year, the University of Tartu offers admission to 30 international curricula, including 26 English-taught master’s programmes, one Russian-taught master’s programme, two English-taught bachelor’s programmes and an integrated curriculum in Medicine. In addition, admission to 11 joint master’s programmes is coordinated by our partner universities.

Applicants can use a curriculum search system that gives an overview of the available programmes, has a convenient search option and helps to find a programme that best suits the applicant’s needs. Both those who will graduate in summer 2023 and those who have graduated in the previous years are welcome to apply.

A new topical English-taught master’s programme has been launched. The primarily online programme “Digital Administration” aims to train top public servants, professionals and IT specialists in leading a comprehensive digitalisation of the public sector based on Estonia’s experience in building a digital state and related technology business ecosystem.

This year, prospective students have an opportunity to hear directly from the university’s international alumni about their experience before submitting their applications. The university will hold the first-ever series of Alumni Talks, a series of online lectures by international alumni where they will cover their journey at the University of Tartu and a topic of their choice. The programme directors represent newer programmes without alumni. The schedule is available at

“The University of Tartu has thousands of international alumni from around the world, many of whom have remained in Estonia after graduation. We want to highlight international alumni with Alumni Talks and offer them an opportunity to tell their story. In addition, they can also speak on a topic close to their heart – for example, their work or research. We invite everybody to attend the talks,” said Head of International Marketing Eveli Soo.

Applications to international master’s studies can be submitted until 15 March, and applications to bachelor’s studies and integrated studies in Medicine until 15 April. There are two exceptions.

  • The application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programme “Excellence in Analytical Chemistry”, coordinated by the University of Tartu, is 5 January.
  • Another exception is the master’s programme “Entrepreneurship in Economic Policymaking”, where applicants with previous education or professional experience in economics or business can apply in autumn (from 1 to 15 September), and the studies begin in the spring semester of 2023/2024.

Application requirements depend on the curriculum. For detailed information, see the web page of the particular curriculum. For general information, see the University of Tartu admissions website 

Estonian applicants can start submitting their applications to international curricula in the admission information system SAIS on 1 February. For information in Estonian, see

Webinars: Alumni Talks 2023

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Admission to the University of Tartu international master's programmes ends on Friday