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Philosophy Department Colloquium Spring 2024
Time: 12.15-13.45
Venue: Room 336

19 February Stefan Fischer (Konstanz) Moral obligations and normative reasons pluralism
4 March Ezio Di Nucci (Copenhagen) Ethics Sex rights are no fuckin' rights
18 March Alex Davies (Tartu) Context and interpreting regulations
01 April Antony Frederikson (Pardubice) Kinship and relationality as foundations for environmental emotions
15 April Oscar Talbot (University of Amsterdam) Abolition Ecology: Ecological critique of the prison industrial complex
29 April Uku Tooming (Tartu) Recent work in progress on desire
06 May Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore) Heidegger's argument for fascism
13 May Indrek Reiland (University of Vienna) Against the Gricean Program

Department Colloquium 2023 takes place on Mondays, 12:15-14:00, in room 336. 

02.10.2023         William Tuckwell (Charles Sturt University) - Standpoint Theory’s Methodological Imperatives 
16.10.2023       Jaana Eigi-Watkin (Tartu) - How talking about background assumptions could improve science communication
30.10.2023      Francesco Orsi (Tartu) – Lovers of the good, trackers of the best
06.11.2023         Jay Zameska (ZOOM only) (Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics, Jagiellonian University) - Can contractualists complain about risk?
27.11.2023         Miles MacLeod (Twente University) - Improving interdisciplinary research through philosophical and cognitive analysis
04.12.2023         Roomet Jakapi (Tartu) - What's the use of the history of philosophy?
11.12.2023         Ezio Di Nucci (Copenhagen University) – Sex rights are no fucking rights

Spring semester 2024

The seminar takes place online. Abstracts are circulated through the philosophy list (

Contact person: Siobhan Kattago,

Everyone’s welcome to attend.

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