Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy plays host to a lively community of philosophers engaged in a wide range of philosophical research projects. We offer rigorous and competitive graduate and undergraduate programs which train students in traditional core areas of philosophy and provide them with opportunities to actively participate in our various international and often interdisciplinary research projects. The Department of Philosophy also coordinates the translation of philosophical classics into Estonian and engages with issues of concern to the broader public with the twin aims of encouraging their widespread and reasoned debate and of motivating ethical and pro-social action.

The department has five chairs:

  • history of philosophy
  • practical philosophy
  • philosophy of science
  • theoretical philosophy
  • intellectual history

You can find the members of the faculty here.

In addition, the Centre for Ethics operates along the Department as a consortium.

Information for students

Our English language MA programme

Faculty of the Department of Philosophy


Rules of Attraction: A Workshop on Desire and Normativity

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