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Staff of Department of Philosophy

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Chair of History of Philosophy

The Chair of History of Philosophy teaches general courses in the history of philosophy as well as special courses on current philosophical problems seen from historical perspective. Our research focuses on Ancient Greek philosophy, Early Modern philosophy, classical German philosophy, 19th-century philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, being-historical thinking, hermeneutics, Continental aesthetics, 20th-century French philosophy and Estonian philosophy.

Chair of Intellectual History

Chair of Practical Philosophy

The Chair of Practical Philosophy teaches political and legal philosophy, ethics, philosophy of social science and philosophy of history from the 20th and 21st century in the analytic style as well as relevant material from Ancient Greek and early modern theories of morality and society.

  • Kadri Simm, Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy
  • Margit Sutrop, Professor of Practical Philosophy
  • Francesco Orsi, Associate Professor of Theoretical Ethics
  • Siobhan Kattago, Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy
  • Marek Volt, Editor
  • Mats Volberg, Research Fellow in Practical Philosophy
  • Emmi Jennina Kaaya, Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy
  • Andrei Gavrilin, Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy
  • Sergei Sazonov, Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy
  • Jay Allen Zameska, Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy

Chair of Philosophy of Science

The Chair of Philosophy of Science teaches a variety of general and special courses related to the philosophy of science and epistemology. Historical, sociological and logical approaches are all employed in its educational and research activities. The main research topics include the distinguishing features of exact scientific knowledge, the methodology of science studies, and the philosophy of physics, chemistry and biology.

Chair of Theoretical Philosophy

The Chair of Theoretical Philosophy teaches 20th and 21st century analytic philosophy and logic, with special emphasis on theoretical philosophy (philosophy of logic and mathematics, philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics). Currently our research focuses on the methodology of analytic philosophy, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of logic and language.




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Mädanenud õun

Interdisciplinary research project supports ethical decision-making in science

Juri Lotman

The Juri Lotman scholarship 2023