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Master Thesis Defenses in Philosophy 2024

Master thesis defenses in Philosophy in 2024 on June 10, Jakobi 2-336.

10:00 Yufeng Luo
Collective Responsibility in the Anthropocene
Supervisor Siobhan Kattago, reviewers Juhan Hellerma and Francesco Orsi 

11:15 Zhiyi Zhu
The Arendtian Problem of New Beginnings: Beginnings and Foundations of Freedom in Revolution
Supervisor Siobhan Kattago, reviewers Andrey Gavrilin and Henri Otsing 

12:30 Mykyta Kabrel
How Does Psychotherapy Work? A Cognitive Neuroscience-Based Framework for Understanding Therapeutic Change
Supervisors Jaan Aru and Bruno Mölder, reviewers Taavi Luik and Vivian Puusepp 

Everybody is welcome to attend!

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