Doctoral thesis "The content and implications of nativist claims. A philosophical analysis" by Riin Kõiv covered by the state media.

On the 27th of December, Riin Kõiv successfully defender her doctoral thesis "The Content and Implications of Nativist Claims. A Philosophical Analysis". This thesis has now found coverage in the state media portal

(Quote from the abstract) We often hear how scientists have discovered that a certain human trait – or a trait of another type of organism – is innate, genetic, heritable, inherited, naturally selected etc. All these claims have something in common: they all declare a trait to have significant organism internal (for instance genetic) causes that are present in the organism at its birth. I call claims like these “nativist claims”. Nativist claims are important. They shape our overall understanding of what we are, what we can do and what is good for us. They also impact our practical decision making. For instance, we know that certain types of genes increase the risk of certain diseases, and increasingly this has an effect on healthcare practices...

Read further in the Novaator portal (estonian language only).

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