A vacant position for a regular 2nd year PhD student has opened at the Department of Semiotics

That means that the applicant has to have at least 45 Academic Credits to stand for the position. Importantly, these ACs involve both study and research, and they can be transferred, taken over from other institutions, calculated out of the candidate’s professional experience or published papers.


Also, those people, who already have studied at the Department’s PhD programme can apply, but for them there is an overall restriction: there has to be a 12-year period between your exmatriculation and this application.


The position has already been opened for candidates. DEADLINE is January 15, 2017. Studies begin in Spring 2017. To apply, please send CV, research plan, and letter of application for the 2nd year PhD position to: randviir@ut.ee.


If you have any questions about the issue, please contact: randviir@ut.ee.


More information about the studies at Semiotics, University of Tartu, and our PhD program available here: