On October 16th, professor Risto Heiskala (University of Tampere) will give a guest lecture and seminar at the department of semiotics

16.10, at 10.15, room 306 Professor Risto Heiskala will give a guest seminar centering at the crossings of semiotics, sociology, social sciences, economics. First Prof. Heiskala will deliver a lecture, then we can discuss any aching problem we have in those connections plus his text „Toward semiotic sociology: A synthesis of semiology, semiotics and phenomenological sociology“ .

The seminar will be in English, and everyone is welcome to attend.


Risto Heiskala is Professor at and Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research at the

University of Tampere, Finland. His main research areas are social theory, cultural theory, semiotics,

economic sociology, historical sociology, modernization and globalization. His publications

include Society as Semiosis: Neostructuralist theory of culture and society (Peter Lang, 2003) and

Social Innovations, Institutional Change and Economic Performance (Edward Elgar, 2007, edited

jointly with Timo Hämäläinen).