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The exhibition "Kant 300 in Tartu: from manuscripts to heaven"

On Friday, 5 April the exhibition "Kant 300 in Tartu: from manuscripts to heaven" was opened at the university library. The exhibition features original manuscripts of the philosopher's lecture courses and correspondence, as well as first editions of his works from the collections of the University of Tartu Library. The exhibition will be open until 5 May 2024 on Mon–Fri at 10:00–19:00 and on Sat–Sun at 12:00–18:00. 

In addition, manuscripts and publications illustrating the immediate reception of Kant's philosophy in Estonia, especially at the University of Tartu in the early 19th century, are on display. The exhibition juxtaposes Kant's famous view of the heavens with that of his student Gottlob Benjamin Jäsche, reflecting Kant's philosophy and its transformation in Tartu in the first half of the 19th century.

Further information about the events dedicated to Immanuel Kant can be found on the Kant 300 website.

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