ENLIGHT Network Summer School "Blurred Meanings in Law, Regulations and Guidelines" at the University of Tartu

From 17 to 28 July 2023 we are hosting a Summer School as part of the ENLIGHT network. The Summer School takes the form of a Blended Intensive Programme.

Apply by: 15 March 2023 

In life we navigate laws, regulations, and guidelines in various guises: grading rubrics, rules of the road (for cyclists and motorists), organisational best practice, our countries’ interpretation of European Union law (and our workplaces’ interpretation of that), and so on. But often these laws, regulations, and guidelines are written with language that is open to interpretation: the standard, conventional meaning of the words used doesn’t tell us what to do in every case. And when that happens, other non-linguistic factors can have a huge influence on how such rules, guidelines, and laws are interpreted and enacted in practice. Was that cyclist breaking the law? Did that scientist really have the consent of the research participant? Was that conduct sexual harassment? Was that company violating environmental guidelines? Was that meeting conducted in accordance with the company’s rules? 

This July, we are hosting a Summer School as part of the ENLIGHT network on precisely these issues: “Blurred Meanings in Law, Regulations and Guidelines.” The Summer School takes the form of a Blended Intensive Programme: taking place partly online, and partly (for two weeks) in person in Tartu. Researchers from the University of Galway, the University of Groningen, the University of Tartu, and Uppsala University will lead workshops during the in-person component on different case studies of the problematic just described. Participating students will be divided into cross-disciplinary teams. Each team will choose a problem case that it will study and develop solutions for during the Summer School. Each team will produce an output that will make their findings accessible to those who make the best use of them. 

There are 5 student places available per ENLIGHT partner (additional places available, depending on funding availability by Engliht home university). Summer school is funded by Erasmus+ (BIP) 

For more information about registration see the official website

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