Doctoral theses currently under supervision in the Department of Philosophy

Emmi Kaaya,, "Open Science and Informed Consent", supervisors Kadri Simm ja Jaana Eigi-Watkin

Maryn Reyneke-de-Kock,, "The Ethics of Genome-Wide Reproductive Screening", supervisors Kadri Simm ja Andres Salumets (cotutelle juhendamine Maastrichti Ülikooliga).

Andrey Gavrilin, „Beyond the Apocalypse: Historical Imagination and „Unprecedented Change““, supervisor Siobhan Kattago

Litman Huang, "A Philosophical Investigation on the Formal Semantics of Personal Pronouns and its Potential Implications to the Metaphysical Discussion on Personal Identity", supervisor Alexander Stewart Davies

Kristin Kokkov, "Evidential Reasoning and Knowledge Formation Methods in the Humanities on the Basis of Archaeology", supervisor Endla Lõhkivi

Taavi Laanpere, "Reconceptualizing the Mind Based on Brain Research: the Case of Memory", supervisor  Bruno Mölder

Lilian Langsepp, "Muusika taju: filosoofiline analüüs", supervisors Endla Lõhkivi ja Marek Volt.

Juho Lindholm,, "Philosophy of Technics in a Naturalist Framework," supervisor Ave Mets

Kristi Lõuk, "On Researchers' Duty to Inform Participants", supervisor Margit Sutrop

Heidy Meriste,, "The Role of Person-Focused Emotions in Our Moral Lives", supervisor Margit Sutrop

Eveli Neemre,, "Objectivity and Animal Research", supervisors Endla Lõhkivi ja Jaana Eigi

Karel Pajus, "Human Dignity as the Ground of Human Rights: The Plausibility of a Kantian Grounding", supervisor Francesco Orsi.

Merike Reiljan, "Empathy as Collaboration", supervisors Bruno Mölder ja Francesco Orsi

Semen Reshenin,, "Individual Self-Determination in Friedrich Schiller's Philosophical Writings", supervisor Eva Piirimäe

Sergei Sazonov,, "Neo-Lockean Justification of Private Property Rights", supervisor Francesco Orsi, co-supervisors Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva and Mats Volberg

Nikolai Shurakov, "Knowing Indexicals", supervisor Alexander Stewart Davies

Pille Tekku, „Eestikeelse filosoofia kujunemisest juurtest tänapäevani“, supervisor Jaanus Sooväli

Stijn van Gorkum, "Why Be Moral? A Naturalistic Explanation of Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives ", supervisor Francesco Orsi

Raul Veede,, "The Concept of Visual Language in George Berkeley's Theory of Vision", supervisor Roomet Jakapi

Katrin Velbaum, "The Role and Meaning of the Concept of Aim in Theoretical Accounts of Science", supervisor Endla Lõhkivi

Jay Zameska, „A Sufficientarian Account of Justice in Health Care”, supervisor Kadri Simm

Henri Zeigo, „The Epistemic Authority of Concepts: An Empirical Investigation into the Estonian Context“, supervisor Alexander Davies

Lisa Zorzato, “Realism and Antirealism in Philosophy of Science“, supervisor Endla Lõhkivi

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Institute's MA Thesis Defenses on May 29, 31 and June 1, 2023

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