Autumn School of Semiotics 2013 - Identity and Self-Description

The registration for the fourteenth Autumn School may herewith be considered open.

As a reminder - the Autumn School of Semiotics, an annual gathering of semioticians and sympathizers, will this year be held at MoKS, the Centre for Art and Social Practice in Mooste, 2-3 November. The registration fee is 15€, this will cover the cost of transport, accommodation, three meals and an ambitious amount of coffee and tea. There will be presentations and workshops, ample substance and plenty of sustenance, opportunities for healthy autumnal strolls and a friendly atmosphere to help ease us all into clever conversations.

The registration form can be found below.

Your registration will be confirmed upon receiving the autumn school fee, which is to be transfered to the Estonian Semiotics Association (Eesti Semiootika Selts) account №: 334409040007 (Danske Bank), IBAN: EE683300334409040007, be sure to add the keyword: 'Sügiskool'. The deadline for this is October the 27th.

The sleeping arrangements this year are somewhat down to earth (or rather, down-to-floor), so we'll thank you to haul with your own sleeping bags, mats and mattresses.
The final program is still taking shape, meanwhile you're to attune yourself to the theme of Identity and Self-description, face the face and navel-gaze to your heart's content.

We look forward to seeing you in Mooste!
[If you have any questions, feel free to either leave them under this post or send them to ragnesch [ät]]