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Stanford-Tartu Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, 2-4 June

Please join us for the Tartu-Stanford Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, from June 2nd to June 4th, 2022. 

Below is the schedule. The workshop will take place in Tartu, Jakobi 2, 336.

Everyone is welcome!


Thursday, June 2nd

14.15-16.15 Riin Sirkel (Vermont)                                       Aristotle on Essence and Sex: Why Should Men Rule

16.30-18.30 Amber Carpenter (Yale-NUS)                        Accounts and Accountability


Friday, June 3rd

10.15-12.15 Anders Dahl Sørensen (Copenhagen)              Confronting the Superman: Anonymus Iamblichi on nomos and phusis


13.30-15.30 Christopher Bobonich (Stanford)                   TBA

15.45-17.45 Jessica Moss (NYU)                                          Degrees of Knowledge in Aristotle


Saturday, June 4th

11.00-13.00 Raphael Woolf (Kings College London)          Self-Knowledge in Plato's Charmides

14.15-16.15 David Ebrey (Humboldt)                                  The Timaeus as a Platonic Origin Myth.

Frenoloogiline pea

Call for abstracts: Workshop “Interpretivism, mental fictionalism and folk psychology”


PhD research seminar ‘Methodologies in city translation research’

Doktorant teeb laval ettekannet

Mark your calendars: three-minute thesis competition for doctoral students to be held on 2 October