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Workshop "Mind with a Historical Twist"

On December 8, an international workshop will be held that brings together philosophers to discuss topics related to the mind. The special feature of the workshop is its approach, namely, topics in the philosophy of mind are approached from a historical perspective. In addition to the Tartu philosophers, three philosophers from Hungary will participate in the event. Paul S. MacDonald will speak via Zoom. He is the author of several books on the history of the mind.

Venue: Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, Jakobi 2–114.


10.00                 Gathering and Opening

10.15-11.00       Francesco Orsi, The Guise of the Good: A Philosophical Adventure in Three Episodes

11.00-11.45       Heidy Meriste, Modern Guilt Revisited: Footnotes to Bernard Williams

12.00-12.45       Paul MacDonald, AI is a Reversion of the Concept of Mind to Its Primitive Origins (Zoom)

12.45-14.15       Lunch break

14.15-15.00       Krisztián Pete, Impressions and Ideas: On the Sellarsian Critique of the Empiricists

15.00-15.45       László Kocsis, Hume and Lewis on the Connection between Belief and Desire

15.45-16.15       Coffee break    

16.15-17.00       Toomas Lott and Uku Tooming, Imagination in Ruins

17.00-17.45       Tamás Demeter, Jumping on Fodor: Humean Lessons on Mental States

The workshop is supported by the Estonian-Hungarian joint research project “Our Psychological Folkways: Approaches from semantics, pragmatics, and metaphysics”.

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