Marianne Liibert

Round Table Discussion "Intersemiotic Translation: An Invitation to Connect Translation Studies and Semiotics"

The round table discussion in intersemiotic translation took place on May 10th 2023 with esteemed experts, including Peeter Torop, Elin Sütiste, Luc van Doorslaer, Manuel Moreno Tovar, and Zarja Vršič, who shared their insights on intersemiotic translation and its relevance to their research and disciplines. As the moderator, Irmak Mertens, Ph.D. student in semiotics at the University of Tartu and Ph.D. student in Translation Studies at the KU Leuven University, facilitated the discussion.
The event provided a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of intersemiotic translation, and participants had the chance to engage in a dynamic discussion with the audience. The discussied subjects were:

  • intertextuality and interculturality;
  • the signification of intersemiotic translation in Translation Studies and Semiotics;
  • the place of intersemiotic translation within existing typologies;
  • the relevance of intersemiotic translation to similar concepts such as adaptation, transposition, transmediation;
  • application of intersemiotic translation in literature and arts;
  • the future of intersemiotic translation in the age of AI.

 The roundtable was followed by a small reception.

Participants of the round table

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