Academic calendar of the Department of Semiotics 2021/2022


Defence of Master's theses drafts 29. October and 1. November 2021
Confirmation of Master's theses supervisors and topics 15. November 2021
MA Conference – Autumn School of the Graduate School of History, Literature and Culture Research 18.-19. November 2021
Defence of 2020/2021 Master’s theses 27. January 2022
Congress Lotman 100 25.-26. February 2022 in Tallinn
27.-28. February 2022 in Tartu
Pre-defence of Master's theses 18. April 2022 (submission deadline 11. April 2022)
Defence of Master's theses

3. June 2022 (submission deadline 27. May 2022)

Attestation of Doctoral students

1st year doctoral students, 1st semester attestation on 28. January 2022 (deadline for submission of documentation 18. January 2022), plus the attestation of students previously on academic leave

Attestation: 23.-24. august 2022 (deadline for submission of documentation 11.-12. august 2022)

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Adam Toon

Gottlob Frege lectures 2023 presents Adam Toon "The Story of the Mind: Cartesianism, Behaviourism and Fictionalism"

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